To further customize the outer background of your group, you can provide a link to an HTML document that will be embedded via iframe (known as a "xattframe") behind your chat. Within the embedded page, you can use any combination of HTML/CSS/JavaScript that you like including animations, generated content, etc.

This replaces the custom CSS styling that was used on Flash chats.


The library provides a list of user-submitted xattframes that are free to use by the community.

Adding a xattframe to your group

Figure 1: Adding a xattframe to your group

1. Go to the xattframe library.

2. Click "copy" on any xattframe. (Figure 1)

3. Then, hover over "group" at the top right of your group, click "customize" and enter your group password. Alternatively, visit the edit group page.

4. Add the URL to the "xattframe" field on the appearance tab. (Figure 1)

5. Save changes and the xattframe will be live on your group.

Note: You must also use an outer background when using a xattframe so that there is a fallback if users have xattframes disabled.

Submitting a xattframe

You can submit a xattframe so that it will appear on the xattframe library (forum account required). Your xattframe must follow the rules listed on the forum and below in order to be approved.

Making your own xattframe

If you want to create your own xattframe, you will first need to have somewhere to host it. For this, we recommend you use as it is easy to set up and is already pre-unblocked. If you wish to use your own domain, you will need to have it unblocked by making a ticket.

For more information on setting up GitHub pages, you can visit their website.

Once you have a webpage set up, you can combine HTML/CSS/JavaScript code to create your design and then use it on your chat, or submit it to the xattframe library.


Figure 2: xattframe setting options

You can disable or enable xattframes through an automatic pop-up window or by hovering over "group" at the top right of a group and clicking "xattframe". You can do this for all groups (global), the current group or both. (Figure 2)

Changes will not take effect until you refresh the page.


You must ensure the xattframe you use complies with the rules below, even if taken from a third party.

Note: xat reserves the right to change these rules without notice.

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow these rules may result in your chat group being deleted or permanently delisted and having all of its media removed. xat may also apply a block to your account, depending on the offence.