Mint power sets a minimum amount of xats and days that can be sent to you, and is also a smiley power.

Mint prevents users from sending you xats less than the minimum. If you had 1 Mint power, users would need to send you a minimum of 50 xats or 4 days for the transfer to work.

Note: The Mint power stacks, meaning each Mint power raises the minimum transfer limit by 50 xats and 4 days.


  • 1 Mint power = 50 xats or 4 days
  • 2 Mint powers = 100 xats or 8 days
  • 3 Mint powers = 150 xats or 12 days

  • Smilies are: (mint#)(hit#)(dodge#)(lob#)(mobounce#)(moring#)