To assign the power in the Chat Box Settings, check the box next to the power followed by the "Update these options" button.

Assigning a group power

To assign a group power, first acquire the power you want, then go to the chat you wish to assign it to. Type the power smiley into the chat, e.g. "(redirect)", click on the smiley that appears, and click the "Assign" button. A main owner will then need to assign the power in the Chat Box Settings. To access the Chat Box Settings, click "Edit Your Chat", then "Extra Features". Alternatively, you may click "Edit" beneath the chat, enter the chat's password, and then click "Chat Box Settings". Once there, scroll down to "Extra Chat Box Features" and look for the power that was assigned and the check box next to it. After checking the box, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Update these options". Refresh the chat and you will have the group power successfully assigned.

Un-assigning a group power

To un-assign a group power, go to the chat it is assigned to and type the power into the chat, click on the smiley and click "Unassign". If you have forgotten the chat it is assigned to, login to your account and scroll down to the bottom. Here you will see the group power name followed by "Group1," which is the chat the power is assigned to. Clicking on the "Group1" will lead you to the chat for you to un-assign.

Right-click on the group it is assigned to and select "Copy Link Address".

Un-assigning a group power on a deleted / redirected chat

If you had a group power assigned to a chat that is now deleted or redirected, follow the steps below to help you un-assign your power.

  1. Attempt to use the /go command. Go to any chat and type /go CHATNAME and see if you are able to connect to the deleted chat. If not, go to the next step.
  2. Copy the following link "" and replace IDHERE with the deleted chat's ID. To get the ID of the deleted chat, login and scroll down to your group power assignments. Right-click on the group it is assigned to and select "Copy Link Address". Paste the link into your browser's URL bar and copy just the numbers and insert them into the link above. For example, if your chat link is, your chat ID number is 12345678.

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